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Spark Car Care
– March 2013
"All participants have unanimously reached the same consensus that the theory session has better equipped them with the knowledge on the functions of the car and tyres that may help to save their life during critical situations." - Spark Care Care E-Newsletter 2013-1

VW Audi Group Singapore
– June 2012
“Alot learnt from this session!” - etalage
“Definitely have benefited from this.” – R72
“Had great time pushing my car and testing the brakes!” – happyracer

Cerato Forte Koup SG
– March 2012
“I strongly reccommend people to sign up for this class ... I think its $xxx well spent ... but to me most imptly is the knowledge learnt” – cptzr
“Recommend our CFK members to go! Worth the money spent! ... really nice to learn and tcss with other participants and instructors ... This feeling is like going PG the first time ... ” – JoeMarystar
“Great session ...” – scorpey

Team Chevy Singapore
– September 2010
“Comparing to the one I attended previously, the theory portion is more in depth and makes you think and understand better. The instructor was also very professional and clear in his lesson.” – johntanwk
“That was an exciting course!” – perlionex
“This course is a real eye opener!! ... really very useful for day to day driving ... U'll appreciate wat was taught and understand if ur car is performing properly ...” – metamorphesis

K-Series Singapore
– February 2009
“Great Course … Great Organisers … Great meal” – melointG
“I’m humbled yet thrilled by the new experience acquired today” – Szeping
“My wife is very glad she turned up, and learnt quite a fair bit” – kelv

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